Retained List – 2024/25

We are pleased to be able to share the status of our retained list, as it stands today.

Retained on contract

  • Lewis Brass
  • Kane Evans
  • Joe Shepherd
  • Jay Hornsby
  • Sean Reid
  • Leighton Hopper

Retained on non-contract

  • Callum Corkhill
  • Mark Turnbull
  • Alfie Marriott
  • Danny Sayer
  • Liam Doyle
  • David Palmer
  • Andy Burn
  • Richie Slaughter
  • Nick Cassidy
  • Dan Stephenson
  • Ryan Bailey
  • Jordan Lashley
  • Louis Anderson
  • Konner Lamb
  • Adam Lennox

We are pleased to report that coach Mark Pae, goalkeeper coach Tom Flynn and club physio Tony Dunn have all agreed to also stay at the Club for the season ahead.

We will share any further updates when they become available.