Volunteer opportunities – join the team!

We have two volunteer roles we are looking to fill:


As of the end of this season, our esteemed kit man Adam Capper will be leaving the region for new adventures. We know this will be particularly sad news for many, no moreso than us! Whilst the consensus is he will be hard to replace, we must begin the task of testing out that theory!

We are therefore looking for someone to take on the role for next season. Duties involve:

  • Washing football strips for the first team & reserve team (we have washing and drying facilities at the Club)
  • Liaising with the secretary to pack the appropriate kit where the teams have an away game, or setting up the washed kit in the changing room where they have a home game
  • At least one wash per team per week, sometimes two if we have a midweek game.

Optional additional duties if the person wishes/is able:

  • Organisation of other kit/equipment for training and match days
  • Transport kit to/from first team away fixtures and/or training sessions

All expenses are covered if someone takes on the optional additional duties (i.e. mileage costs) and we will organise/purchase all cleaning supplies needed.


This involves visiting a few local supermarkets to purchase supplies for Stan Scran and match day hospitality. The volunteer will be given a shopping list and a cash float.

  • Visit stores on the day of a match (or the day prior if there is no danger of postponement) and purchase a shopping list of items
  • Bring them to the ground and put away in Stan Scran

Mileage expenses covered.


These really are unsung hero kind of jobs, but ones that can be done behind the scenes and not interfere with ones ability to watch the game on a match day.



If you are interested please e-mail info@heatonstan.co.uk or DM us via social media.