22 September 2021, 7:30 pm
0 - 3
Heaton Stannington
Perth Green
Attendance: 206
Heaton Stannington First Team
Referee: Richard Rowe

Match Report

The Stan marched on at Jarrow as they visited Peth Green. There were 3 changes from Saturday’s win with McAndrew, Bailey & Proctorbeing replaced by Stoddart, Burn & Hopper. There was a sizeable following of the Stan Army with many of them having visited local pub the Red Hackle first.

On a breezy but windy night the teams entered the pitch to the sound of Alan Price’s Jarrow Song but many of the Stan Army would have preferred something by the Scotch estates own Angelic Upstarts. From kick off, Jarrow shot over the bar almost immediately, but things were going to be different for much of the rest of the match. Holmes soon shot over at the other end as the Stan started to control possession. A joined up attack was eventually headed clear from the Jarrow box after 3 minutes & from the Stan’s 1st corner after 4 minutes, Stoddart shot just over from outside the box. Jarrow did get a corner 2 minutes later which saw the ball headed into the side netting. Stephenson then sent a free kick into the home box but when McBryde’s header is saved from close range, Hopper’s shot went just wide. It was mainly the Stan although Jarrow looked like they could be dangerous which they were for a rare instance when northern league legend Channon North shot over under pressure in 11 minutes. In 16 minutes, it was 1-0 to the Stan when  Hopper’sshot from the left was blocked, but Stephensonwas there to drill the ball into the corner of the net. The Stan kept possession & trying to advance & as a result most of the action was in the Jarrow half. From a corner in 20 minutes, Hornsby shot just wide. He then crossed into the box for Hopper to tap to McBryde who somehow put the ball over the bar when he had an open goal. The Stan pressure continued relentlessly including through a Burn long shot in 32 minutes which the keeper just got down to. Then Regan got don to block a rare Jarrow effort. After some Stan pressure, in 37minutes it was 2-0 when a great Burn long shot went into the left corner of the net. A Hopper solo run in 40 minutes saw him blocked in the box by the keeper but the ball came back to him & his 2ndshot hit the post & went out.  Overall the last 10 minutes of the 1st half were quieter although as a rare consolation for Jarrow they did shoot well over the bar right at the end.

Jarrow started the 2nd half on the attack but it was the Stan who sewed things up after 48 minutes & what a way to do it. Hopper made a fantastic solo run up the left & kept control of the ball despite the efforts of the defence & advanced into the box & shot into the far corner of the net. It was still mainly Stan but with less clear opportunities but in 60 minutes Hopper won the ball & beat a defender but was blocked although he managed to supply McBryde whose header was also blocked. The ball remained mainly in the Jarrow half as the Stan refreshed things by introducing Burns, Campbell then eventually Sharpe to keep the attacking momentum going. In 72 minutes, a ball from Carr to Hornsby saw him supply Campbell who shot over. A minute later Campbell was brought down in the box but Holmes’s resulting penalty was saved. The Stan kept much of the possession & most of the pressure & in 87 minutes Hornsby supplied Burns whose angled shot went just wide. With a minute to go, a rare Jarrow corner sees the ball bounce on the goal line but is missed by everyone. As the wind gets up, the match ends 3-0.

After a dominating performance, especially from Hornsby & Hopper on the left, the Stan’s crusade continues from Jarrow as the league leaders, along with at least 2 coaches full of the Stan Army, head for Barnoldswick on Saturday in the FA Vase.

Kevin Mochrie


Name GLS PENS OG Cards
4 1
7 1
10 1 Yellow Card
11 Yellow Card


Name GLS PENS OG Cards
Lewis Burns Leighton Hopper
Mackenzie Sharpe Dean Holmes
Connor Campbell Liam McBryde